Hannah's World


My names Hannah!

I’m 14 and live in Hoddesdon

My birthday is on the 11th September

I go to the John Warner School,

I have a brother who is 18 and a dog who is 5.

My dog is called Blue because he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

My best friend is Charlotte Player.

We do everything together

&& she is the one person that can always cheer me up

i love her.


I don’t have any hobbies out of school but when I’m in school I like to play netball and run 200m.

I like to try and keep fit as much as possible.


My favourite colour is pink; yes I am a girly girl!

Most of the things I own have pink on them somewhere!


I like to make people laugh because I am usually smiling and I like to make everyone else do the same!


My favourite food has got to be spaghetti Bolognese,

 It smells great when it’s cooking and tastes even better when you eat.

My least favourite food is definitely brussel sprouts,

They look disgusting and just the thought of them makes me cringe.


I’m into all different types of music,

I think it is the perfect way to show how you are feeling

Because you can play different songs for each mood you are in.

I am always listening to music because it helps stop me from being bored

Most of the time!

 One of my most favourite things is going away abroad on holiday!

I love sitting in the sun by the pool with a nice iced cold drink! It really brightens up my summer away from the English weather


      Me && Charlotte ^                                                                 Me && Mia ^